CTE Epoxy Resin

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CTE Epoxy Resin

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  • CTE Epoxy Resin - KES-3070
CTE Epoxy Resin
Model - KES-3070
Biphenyl aralkyl type epoxy

  • General Description
KES-3070 provides excellent thermal stability and self-extinguishing characteristics when used in electrical laminate formulation. KES-3070’s low softening point and high flow property allows user to add large amount of inorganic filler to increase mechanical and thermal stability of final product. Low moisture absorption property of KES-3070 makes final product more reliable in a humid condition.
  • Resin Properties

  • Characteristics
  1. Excellent thermal stability when cured with proper curing agent
  2. Low moisture uptake in humid condition
  3. Low softening point (< 80℃) and melt viscosity
  4. Excellent toughness for severe mechanical process
  • Storage
Keep in cool, dry, ventilate condition and in closed containers. Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Recommended safe handing procedures are discussed in the information on the MSDS should reviewed and understood before working.

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